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Is Homework Harmful or Helpful for a Student?

It’s true that we are doing homework in our entire student life. When I was growing up, I used to do worksheets, book reports, essays, major projects term papers and dioramas. My mom always told me to complete my homework before dinner and I think that was the most boring but effective task of my student life. But, the question is how important homework is for educating a child? is homework harmful or helpful?  Is it just wastage of time, as many learners claim, that just eats up their energy and time for no real purpose?

In the view of homework as supportive, many educators think that is a part of the strategy of building up understanding between lesson and student.  Several studies showing that, homework helps build study and learning habits (Lindsay, Nye, Cooper, & Greathouse, 1998; Gorges and Elliot, 1999; Cooper, 1989).  They also found out a point that 30-45 min homework of every day in high school level can boost a student’s GPA (Keith 1992).  Most of the students need experience and time to develop their study habits that support their learning process, and only homework can provide that and that also provide the ability to handle with difficulty and mistakes (Bempechat, 2004).

But it’s also true that homework is not helpful for every student and every situation. When we are considering the of homework is harmful for students, speaker and author Alfie Kohn states that there’s no genuine evidence showing homework as a beneficiary elementary for a student.

He also wrote that, he found no connection between improved standardized assessment scores and homework. Concerning secondary students, he mentioned that there is an insignificant correlation between improving grades and test scores and homework but there is no proof that the progress is because of doing homework rather than additional activities. He also mentioned that there is no evidence that the homework benefits learners in other ways like independence or self discipline, good study habits, he could find no drawback to eliminating or even reducing homework altogether.

So, what is you answer – is homework harmful or helpful? Should we throw homework out altogether or continue current practices? ). So, if we want the top results, we will keep doing homework within a definite time for building up a good habit of learning. Excess is always bad and student should not spend more time by doing homework.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Easy Way to Do Homework

Only a few learners like to do their homework and everyone wants to put it off. For a learner, it is easy to tell that you’ll do it ‘later’ but ‘later’ never comes; you still don’t want to do your homework. But, it should be done; you have to finish it sometime! So, it is better done now than later. Keep in mind if you finish your homework you need not to do it later. You’ll have the entire day free, which is really fun for you.

If you‘ve a study hall then do your homework there as much as possible. If you do homework when you’re at school, the less you’ll have to do at your home. Try to do your homework in class (if you get time), at dining room, or any other extra time you might have. Be sure to put the toughest class’ homework at your list to do and get help if you do not understand. Ask your classmates or teacher: they are there to help you.

Motivating yourself is not so tough; promise yourself a prize for finishing your homework, anything that is enjoyable or doable after you finish. Do not use food as a prize. Save a special journal or comics to read when your homework is completed or make plans to have a conversation with a friend. Read your favorite book or a great book you have always wanted to finish, or go on your favorite website. You can also take advantage of any upcoming vacations or holidays. Remind yourself that summer break, winter break or weekend is nearing, and the time your homework is completed you can fully enjoy it.

Work smarter, not harder. Fried brain never absorbs more information, so break up your homework schedule into chunks and take regular breaks. Take a 10-12 minute break after one hour study. Eat fruit and drink water: water will cool down your system, and provides enough energy to work a lot. Or, Get up, stretch, and walk around.

Think of the benefits of doing your homework and what will happen if you can’t complete your homework? You will never get a good grade. Your teacher will be dissatisfied in you. When you find great benefit you will do homework automatically. Once you can grow a good habit of doing homework you will never afraid of any difficult subject or topic.

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