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How to quickly solve math problems

“Wow!” you scream. “These guys will show me how a math problem in a few seconds! It sounds too good to be true. What will he really?”

Learning to solve any math problem in seconds is a combination of two phenomena metaphor for society:

  1. If we claim to solve any math problem in seconds, it is not necessarily four seconds. It depends on several factors: (1) your ability in mathematics, (2) the type of problem you are trying to solve, (3) access and your ability to use technology.
  2. Solving mathematical problems quickly in the same way. It would not take long to really fix the problem, but it can take the job for you to a knowledge base for mathematics problem to build.

What you should know

  1. How elementary mathematics – if you do not know how one or more times to add, all you need to solve is how to survive in life without basic skills in mathematics.
  2. Joint Calculations – You must know your multiplication tables. You need to know instead of 1-25 and a number divisible by 10. You should be able to recognize square roots. Recognition of the common factor and many others saw and calculations is a must.
  3. Lowest common denominator and factors – You have to bring down the fractions to the lowest common denominator and immediately be able to factor numbers. Change decimal fractions is also a must.
  4. Common formulas – You must know the basic formulas. Look at things slow you down.
  5. The sequence of operations – is one thing for a quick math problem is something else to do it right. Learn order of operations. It will help you correctly compartmentalized information and troubleshooting.

Additional measures to solve problems
Solving problems is a process. Control. Here””s how:

  1. Practice. It takes repetition to quickly solve problems.
  2. Look for keywords. RECOGNISING a number of keywords in a contextual problem will reduce the resolution time of problems.
  3. Exposure. Dissect things in compartments. For example, the problem is 40 x 17. Break it down to 40 x 10 (you can do in your head) and 40 x 7 (you can do in your head). Add the two together (680).
  4. Technology if it is allowed. Learn to use one of those beautiful calculators for advanced mathematics.
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